Institutional Best Practices

1. Mentor System

Mentor system is implemented to monitor the overall progress of the students. Under this system, a class teacher is appointed for each class. The mentors give due attention to the following:

  • Monitoring the performance of students in academic matters.
  • Remedial classes for slow learners.
  • Tracking the students’ attendance.
  • Bringing students’ attendance and academic record to the notice of the parents.
  • Guide students to choose electives.
  • Provide personal counseling, wherever required.
  • Motivating the students to participate in nation building and social activities.
  • Counselors are appointed and they provide counseling in the college.
  • Provide personal counseling, wherever required.
  • Counselors are utilized to counsel students in the hostel.

2. Environment – Friendly initiative

The college has initiated many nature friendly activities to conserve renewable energy and minimize wastage of resources. Some of the initiatives in this direction are:

  • Solar water heater units at ladies hostel in the campus.
  • Solar Street lights in the college avenues.
  • Campus is declared – plastic free and smoking free zone.
  • Well maintained lush green campus with beautiful ornamental plants and arborescent trees providing abundant oxygen.
  • MoU with M/S. 8M Future Energy Pvt. Limited, Mysuru, to install solar panels for harnessing solar energy. Accordingly 583 solar panels have been installed atop the college building with a capacity to produce 150KV electricity.
  • The equipments are installed under BOOT model with net metering. The power produced would be utilized for lighting and heating in the entire campus of 8 acres, which includes the college hostel.
  • Better water management through Rain harvesting.