Department Of PG Commerce

1. Courses Offered:
  • M. Com
2. Details of Staff

Name:Dr. K.V.Suresha
Qualification: M.Com, Ph.D
Experience: 35 yrs

Name:Prof. T.A. Subramanya Setty
Designation:Adjunct Faculty
Qualification: M.Com
Experience: 47 yrs

Name:Arpitha H.R
Designation:Assistant Professor & HOD
Qualification: M.Com
Experience: 05 yrs

Name:Naveena S
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Com
Experience: 03 yrs
3. Admissions

Course 2016-2017 2017-2018
  I Year II Year Total I Year II Year Total
M.Com 61 57 118 60 60 120

4. Results

Course 2016-2017(%) 2017-2018(%)
  I Sem II Sem III  Sem IV Sem I Sem II Sem
M.Com 98.36 98.36 100 100 100 95

5. Activities
a. Special Lectures/ Seminars/Conferences/Extension lecture programme conducted by the department

Sl.No Date Topic Resource Person
1 21-02-2018 'Symposium On Central and State Budgets 2018-19 Prof. B.S. Shreekantaradya
Dr. G.R. Navitha Timmaiah
Prof. B.S. Sharath
P. Puttaraj
Dr. K.M. Veeraiah
2 26-10-2017 Human Memory Development Zaffer Mahamood
International Soft skill Trainer, Mysosre
3 07-12-2017 Theorizing communication from eastern perspective Dr. Nirmala Mani Adikari
Dept. of Communication
Karnataka Universitu
4 14-12-2017 Mass Communciation and Media Prof. Aravind Singhal
Director, Dept of Communication
University of Texas, USA